Testimonials ~ Massage Therapy Newton MA

♥    Lisa has been my massage therapist for over seven years. She listens to my body with a keen awareness and a strong intuitive sense. Her work allows my soul to unwind and brings me back home to my heart.  ~ K Devale (vocal coach)

♥    Lisa’s work is so loving and healing, so honoring to the body. I feel revitalized and renewed after each session. Thank you for being so open, clear and giving of yourself.  ~ S Williams (yoga teacher)

♥    I am profoundly moved by Lisa’s work. Such an incredible gift. The vibrational work with sound takes relaxation to a much deeper level. Her combined knowledge of body work and sound healing is unique and powerful. Many thanks!  ~ M Flannigan (graphic artist)

♥    The beauty of Lisa’s work is that the body is actually retuned, reharmonized. The fluid movement of the massage combined with the tuning forks is wonderful and the results long lasting.
~ L Goldman (musician)

♥    Lisa has a very deversified knowledge of many different forms of body work. The synthesis is her own unique and wonderful creation. I always feel relaxed and energized at the end of each session. She is by far my favorite therapist.  ~ B Winter (software designer)


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